Urban goods distribution


Spaces designated for loading and unloading are in operation every week day between 08h00 and 20h00, the maximum parking time is limited to 30 minutes and they can be used by any vehicle loading and unloading freight for delivery to nearby locations. The goal is that these spaces have a high rotation to allow the maximum number of lorries and vans to use them each day.

These spaces may be used by lorries, vans and mixed two-seat vehicles as indicated on the signs. Is mandatory the telematic validation by areaDUM app or by SMS. The maximum parking time is 30 minutes.

In the specific case of vehicles classified as Zero Emissions by DGT and authorized for parking in spaces designated for loading and unloading (areaDUM), the maximum parking time will be 30 minutes in addition to what determines the vertical signage corresponding to that specific space.

Number of spaces

The city of Barcelona has around nine thousand loading and unloading spaces under comprehensive Àrea Verda regulation.

Operating Hours

General operating hours are between 08h00 and 20h00 from Monday to Friday.

Always check the information shown on the specific sign for your section of parking spaces. You should also be aware that some streets may be signed as alternating streets in which the side of the pavement where you can park is changed periodically.


No tariff applies to areaDUM places. However is mandatory the telematic validation by areaDUM app or by SMS to phone number 217010 sending: DUM(space)vehicle license plate(space)zone code