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Electric vehicles

What is an electric vehicle?

Electric vehicles are those that are powered solely by electricity. Hybrid cars and those that use other types of fossil fuels are not considered to be electric vehicles.

What is the electric vehicle card?

The electric vehicle card identifies users of electric vehicles in the city of Barcelona. The card allows people to recharge their vehicle at road-side stations spread around the city at no charge.
The electric vehicle card also allows owners to park in the regulated zones of the city (green and blue spaces) free of charge, depending on the criteria included in the established regulations. It does not allow users to park in residents-only spaces.

I am a resident and I own an electric vehicle. What are the benefits of AREA?

If you are a resident and you own an electric vehicle, you can park it free of charge in your resident’s zone in accordance with the provisions of Fiscal Ordinance 3.12.

I am own an electric vehicle. What are the benefits of AREA?

To access the benefits of owning an electric vehicle, you will need to obtain a electric vehicle card (Virtual Office of the City) and meet all the necessary conditions.
You can use the card to recharge your car at a hundred recharging stations for a very low price.
You can also park your vehicle free of charge in any regulated zone of the city (green and blue spaces), as per the criteria of the established regulations, for persons residing in Barcelona owning electric-only vehicles and paying ITVM in the city, however they may not be parked in spaces identified as being reserved for residents on the vertical sign.

How does it work?

Once you have parked the vehicle in the desired blue or green space, go to the nearest parking meter and insert your electric vehicle card to get a ticket for the maximum parking time free of charge, this will normally be 2 hours. Always check the vertical sign. Although electric vehicles can park free of charge, you must still display the ticket in a visible place inside the vehicle.

For more information about electric vehicles and your card

At Virtual Office of the City you will find further information on obtaining a electric vehicle card.

Where can I park for free?

If you own an electric vehicle and you are registered as a resident of Barcelona, you can park free of charge in your resident's zone and use green zone and blue zone spaces free of charge as well, although you must respect the maximum allowed parking times and obtain a time ticket or receipt.

You can also park free of charge in blue spaces on week days between 14h00 and 16h00, in green spaces on Saturdays and public holidays between 20h00 and 08h00, and in loading and unloading spaces on week days between 20h00 and 08h00. Always check the vertical sign on the street.

Where can I not park?

In zones identified as being RESERVED for residents. Due to their characteristics, these zones are reserved for use by residents throughout the year. Always check the vertical sign on the street. Only residents may park in these reserved zones.