areaDUM FAQ's

Notice replacement areaDUM app

01. Where I can ask for information about AreaDUM?

Calling us to phone number 937065550 or sending us an email to


02. What do I need to park in a DUM space?

To park in a DUM space, you just need a mobile pone. If you have a Smartphone with iOS or Android system, you can park by using the areaDUM App after you register. Alternatively, you can always park in DUM spaces by sending a text message from your mobile phone without registering first.

03. And what about the parking disk that was used before?

It is no longer. Your parking operation will only be valid if you register via the App or by text message. These two methods replace the parking disk.


04. How does the app work?

You just have to start parking and select the code of the area in which you are parked. The code of the area is a four-digit number, which is located on the vertical sign in the area in which you are parked. You will alse need this code if you prefer to send a text message.


05. Who can park in DUM parking spaces?

Like in the past, only vehicles shown on the vertical sign can park in these areas: vans, lorries and mixed two-seat vehicles. Therefore, sedans and private cars cannot park in these áreas, as they have the Green and Blue spaces for parking.

06. Is using the areaDUM app free?

Yes, it is totally free to download and to use the app. However, if you prefer to send a text message, this method has a cost of €0.15 per message (sending and response).


07. Where can I use the service?

It is very important that you activate the parking operation from your vehicle or standing next to it. Otherwise your GPS may provide a position that does not match with real position of your vehicle and you could receive an invalid ticket.


08. Do I need to register to use the service?

Yes, you must register on the App, as you cannot use the service without an user account. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can use text messages for which you don't need to register first. You do need to provide you number plate in both cases.


09. What methods are there for registering?

You can do it from your Smartphone before you first parking operation for which you are going to use the application. Otherwise, and if you prefer, you can register directly on our website from any computer.

10. Do I need to put some type of ticket on the vehicle?

No. All parking operations are registered digitally.

11. Where can the user go if they have questions or functional questions?

We recommend that, once you are inside your user area, go to the help and support section. If this does not solve your doubt, there you will find a form to send us your request and we will answer you within a maximum period of 48 hours.

12. I'm an SMS user, how can I end my parking?

If you are an SMS user you just have to start the parking and instantly you will receive the confirmation with the maximum authorized time. It is not necessary that you do anything else. When you go to another Area of Urban Distribution of Merchandise you must start another parking by sending a new SMS. SMS costs will be based on your rate and operator.