Spaces designated as coach zones are designed to regulate both stopping (loading and unloading of passengers) and parking for vehicles that, due to their characteristics and the service they provide, have a set of very specific requirements.
There are two goals depending on the type of coach zone space:

1.- Coach zone stopping space
The goal is to facilitate loading and unloading of passengers during a time period that is limited to 10 minutes in areas of the city that are close to tourist attractions and points of special interest for tourists.

2.- Coach zone parking spaces in blue zones
Coach zone parking spaces in blue zones are designed to provide high-rotation parking spaces for coaches around points of interest for tourists, however, depending on certain mobility parameters and the availability of parking, vehicles can park for up to 2 hours to prevent them having to drive around the city, which can cause added pollution. Due to their length and volume, these vehicles also create congestion, especially when turning on to perpendicular streets. It is therefore preferable that they are parked while their passengers visit the tourist attraction.

These zones only allow coaches to be parked between certain hours and always with the corresponding obligatory time ticket. The maximum parking time is 1 or 2 hours.

Number of spaces

There are currently sixty coach zone parking spaces in Barcelona as well as eighty blue zone coach spaces located at strategic points.

For more information, go to the coach zone website at

Operating Hours

The operating hours of coach zone spaces in blue zones are as follows:
From Monday to Saturday, between 08h00 and 20h00.
From Monday to Saturday, between 09h30 and 18h00, and Sundays and public holidays between 09h30 and 15h00 (only in the Parc Güell area between the 1st of March and the 31st of October).

IMPORTANT: Always check the information shown on the specific sign for your section of parking spaces.