Regulated parking in the beach zone opens its season

From April 1 to September 30, regulated parking spaces are placed at the disposal of the citizens in the zone of beaches in the Sant Martí district.

For the 2022 season, 322 Blue parking spaces are offered and which will be identified with blue paint: 83 regulated parking spaces on Icària av., in the area between Joan Miró st. and Llacuna passage; 89 regulated parking spaces on Salvador Espriu st., in the area between Frederic Mompou st. and Llacuna passage; and 150 regulated parking spaces on Litoral av., in the area between Joan Miró st. and Litoral st.

The Blue area rate applied in these parking spaces will be Rate B and the amount will vary depending on the environmental label assigned to each vehicle by the DGT.

The regulation timetable of these parking spaces during 2022 season will be from 9 am to 8 pm from Monday to Sunday, including holidays, with a maximum of 2 hours of parking. It must be remembered that, during these hours, it is mandatory to obtain the corresponding parking ticket.

The regulation of parking in the beach zone has the objective that the greatest number of people can benefit from being able to park on public roads next to urban beaches and, therefore, once the maximum parking time indicated on the corresponding vertical signal, it must to leave the parking space free so that it can be occupied by another user.

Obtaining the tickets

To obtain parking tickets for these regulated places, it is recommended to use SMOU, a free mobile application. This app allows paying digitally the Blue and Green regulated parking spaces of Barcelona and the municipalities of the metropolitan area and obtain a digital ticket that can be checked in a secure and in real-time way by the parking enforcement surveillance’s devices and, therefore, it is not necessary to go to the parking meter or return to leave any paper ticket in the vehicle. Also, only pay for the actual minutes of parking.

Activation schedule:

01/04/2022: Activation of Blue regulated parking spaces in the 322 spaces in the beach zone.
01/10/2022: Deactivation of Blue regulated parking spaces in the 322 spaces in the beach zone.

For more information:

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