Targeta àrea verda al punt de control

AREA quarterly payment plan

Who can apply for the quarterly payment plan?

All authorised residents who have an AREA card.

What rights does it give?

You can obtain a valid time ticket covering one of the four natural quarters of the year.
When parking in green spaces within a particular zone, you are obliged to move your vehicle at least every eight days.

How can I get a quarterly subscription?

You can pay using a debit or credit card through one of the following two channels:

For each quarter at this link (From the 20th of December to the 15th of January, from the 20th of March to the 15th of April, from the 20th of June to the 15th of July, and from the 20th of September to the 15th of October). (Download the instructions here)

At a parking meter during the first two weeks of each quarter (from the 1st to the 15th of January, April, July and October). (Download the instructions here)

At app ONaparcar residents. (Download the App here)

What are the tariffs?

If you are a resident with a right to the 0 Euro tariff, you will not need to pay anything but you must always get a parking ticket.
For all others, the tariff is € 13/quarter, except for the third quarter (which includes the month of August), for which the tariff is 9 Euros.

Remember that you can get duplicate tickets at parking meters inserting your Àrea verda card and pressing ticket.