ONaparcar residents FAQ's

01. Can I use ONaparcar Residents to park as 'non-resident'? 

No. The application only allows parking in your resident area. To park outside of your resident area you can use the apparkB service of the smou application.

02. Can I use ONaparcar Residents if I am not a resident of Barcelona? 

No, at this time the application is only valid in Barcelona.

03. Where can I buy a ticket? 

You can buy a ticket from anywhere you are, but remember that it is only valid within your resident area.

04. When is a ticket valid? 

Your ticket is valid from the date and time that you confirm and pay until the date you have selected.

05. Should I give the AREA the vehicle I want to park before? 

To park a vehicle it is essential that you be registered in the AREA. If you are not yet registered, you can do so through this link . If it is already, you just have to enter the registration in the 'New vehicle' section of the application.


06. Do I have to provide a check schedule / ID or paper ticket to the vehicle if you pay for the phone using the application?

No, be quiet We already have proof of the digital ticket you get with your smartphone, you no longer need to place a ticket inside the vehicle.


07. Can I use the same user to park several vehicles at the same time?

Yes, the system is designed so you can have several valid tickets for your vehicles simultaneously.

08. Can I install the application on several mobiles to park the same vehicle? 

Yes, whenever your terminal is a smartphone, with Android operating system or iOS.

09. Can I extend a parking ticket?

Yes, just press the 'Expand Ticket' button and select the new end date


10. How many days can I buy a parking ticket?

Whatever you want, but we have predefined four options: Next 7/30/90 days or until the end of the year


11. Can I buy a ticket out of the payment hours?

Yes, you can buy a ticket that will begin to be valid from the beginning of the regulation schedule.

12. How do I pay for parking tickets?

Through the bank card you have entered in your user area. Payment of the parking lot is always done once the operation is confirmed


13. How can I change the bank card associated to the account Overseas Residents?

You can change it from the 'Settings> Resident' section of the application.

14. Can I cancel a complaint from within the application?

Yes, but only those related to ONaparcar Residentes and that are to exceed the time limit. It's very easy: click on the side menu in the 'Refuse denunciation' section and enter your report warning code.

15. I have paid for 30 days of parking, can I leave the vehicle parked in the same place all these days?

NO. Remember that the regulations indicate that you can have your vehicle parked in the same place for a maximum of seven days.

16. Where can I see what is my parking area and its limits?

Once the vehicle you want to park with is selected, the screen will show you both the selected vehicle and your parking area. If you click on the area number, its limits will be drawn. In any case, it is always advisable to verify the information of the vertical signal.

17. Have I changed my address, do I have to make a procedure?

If you are a resident with Resident Parking Rights granted and you change your address within AREA, you must inform us by the Barcelona City Council virtual office , by telephone 010 or by appointment at the B:SM Citizen Attention Office (Calabria, st.- 08015 Barcelona).

18. What do I have to do if I change or want to add a new vehicle?

First, make sure that this vehicle is registered in the AREA. If it is not, do the paperwork through this link .

19. What happens to my resident tickets if I change from the registration area?

First of all, if you continue residing in Barcelona you must notify the change of registration for the usual channels of the AREA. Once the change of registration has been notified, we will update the area code of the current tickets so that they continue to be valid until the date of payment.

20. What happens to my parking ticket if I sell the vehicle?

Tickets for vehicles that change owners will no longer be valid.

21. Where can I see my previous operations?

In the 'History' section located on the main screen of the selected vehicle.

22. Can I know where I parked the vehicle?

Yes, as long as you receive the 'Remember position' button, located on the main screen of the selected vehicle, at the time of parking.

23. Where can I request information and / or communicate questions about the application?

You can go to the 'Information and help> Technical Support' section of the application where you will find a form to send us your request and we will answer you as soon as possible.

24. What do I do if I change the car?

It's very simple, from the 'Settings' section of the application you can sign up and download your vehicles with one click. First you have to add the new registration and then delete the old one.

25. Should I enable geolocation (GPS) to use the app?

Yes, it is necessary to use the GPS of your smartphone so that the app shows the location of your vehicle.

26. Can I see from the application parking tickets obtained from the web or from the meter?

You can not currently see parking tickets from the web or from the meter.

27. Can I change the language of the application?

Yes, from 'Settings' you can choose the language of the application: Catalan or Spanish. Remember that the installation language depends on what you have configured on your smartphone.