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Residents Zone

Who is a resident?

In short, a resident is a person who is registered in a residential area of the Àrea Verda in Barcelona, who has a vehicle registered in their name or who is the principal driver of a vehicle, and who pays vehicle tax in Barcelona.

Which types of spaces can residents use?

A resident can park in their own residential zone, after obtaining a ticket from the parking meter using their Àrea Verda card or usuing ONaparcar residents app. The Fiscal Ordinances regulate the tariff that will apply (free of charge or full tariff). Under the current Ordinance, you can leave a vehicle parked in the same space for up to a maximum of eight days without moving it, independently of the type of ticket you have obtained (daily, weekly or quarterly).
You can also park in other green and blue zones within the city by obtaining a rotation ticket from the corresponding parking meter. In this case you do not have to insert your resident’s card as it will not work.

Where can I park for free?

You can park without charge and without the need to obtain a ticket outside of operating hours, normally between 20h00 and 08h00 on weekdays between Monday and Friday. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays you will need to check the vertical signs beforehand. You can also park free-of-charge in loading and unloading spaces outside of operating hours and in blue spaces on week days from Monday to Friday between 14h00 and 16h00, as these are the hours during which most shops close for lunch.

Where can I not park?

In zones identified as being RESERVED zones for Residents. Due to their characteristics these zones are reserved for use by residents throughout the year. Always check the vertical signs.

I want to go to

Move the map to see how spaces are distributed throughout the city: blue, green, residents-only and parking meters.

Who is deemed to be a resident for the purposes of Àrea Verda?

Link to download requirements for residency (Ordinance 3.12)

Requirements for residency

Àrea Verda residents are those who are registered as living in regulated zones and who have a vehicle with more than two wheels and a maximum of nine seats, which is not longer than 6 metres and has a maximum authorised weight of 3,500 kg.

Who can apply for an Àrea Verda card?

You must fulfil the following requirements:
You must either own or be the principal driver of a vehicle registered for IVTM (motor vehicle tax) in the city of Barcelona, and be named as such on the insurance certificate.
You must be the principal driver of a company vehicle or maintain a commercial contract to provide services in the event of being a freelancer.
You must be the principal driver of a vehicle which has been rented or leased for a minimum period of three months, whether in your name or in the name of the company for which you work, or with which you maintain a commercial contract to provide services in the event of being a freelancer.

What is the card used for?

Your card is used to park your vehicle as a resident in Green Zone spaces in your residential area, on paying the corresponding tariff using the means provided to do so (app ONaparcar residents, website or parking meter).
A Green Zone card is required to obtain the parking ticket issued by the parking meter, only the ticket need be displayed in the vehicle. A resident’s parking ticket will show the license number of the vehicle as well as the resident’s zone. The ticket identifies you as a resident of your zone and it must be displayed inside the vehicle in a visible position before you leave your vehicle.


  • The card is essential for parking in your Àrea Verda zone. Always keep it with you if you know you are going to need it or if you are a regular user of the service.
  • Keep it with you even if you are not using it. The card will allow you to obtain parking tickets while retaining your Àrea Verda rights.
  • Resident's tariffs for 2014 will be shown on this website from the 20th of December 2013 onwards.
  • Information about the new procedure to obtain daily and weekly tickets is shown here. Please note that during the first two weeks of the quarter (from the 1st to the 15th of the months of January, April, July and October), coinciding with quarterly payments, the screen will show option F2:QUARTER, which you should only select if you wish to make a quarterly payment.
  • If you have two or more vehicles, you will need to enter the corresponding license numbers (+ symbol) when obtaining the ticket. Make sure that your license number is correctly shown on the ticket.
  • Display your ticket in your vehicle in a place that is clearly visible from the outside. No other type of identification is required. The ticket showing the license number and zone identifies you as an Àrea Verda resident.
  • Remember that you can only park your vehicle for a maximum of eight days.
  • Please contact the Àrea Verda office if your card is lost or stolen.
  • The card incorporates all your authorised vehicles and the applicable tariffs.
  • You must report any changes to your card details such as the registration and de-registration of vehicles, changes of address etc. Only then will it work with the new parameters. Most procedures can be completed easily through the virtual office of Barcelona City Council.

Download documents

Which documents do I need to present?
Download the required documents here.

Applicable tariffs

In accordance with the regulations stipulated in Fiscal Ordinance 3.12, the normal rate or the free rate will apply depending on whether you have received a fine during the last year. See details here (link to the Ordinance).
The terms regulating applicable tariffs are governed by Fiscal Ordinance 3.12, Article 4, paragraph 3:
"Those persons obligated to pay tariffs as residents who have not been sanctioned under the infractions established in the Ordinance governing the circulation of pedestrians and vehicles, as well as the Law governing travel, the circulation of motor vehicles and safety and the general regulations governing traffic, will pay the zero Euro tariff only in their authorised parking zone. To this effect, during the month of October checks will be performed to make sure that no fines have been issued for infractions with respect to vehicles which have been authorised to park using the corresponding resident's card during the last 12 months."
You must also have the status of being an Àrea Verda resident during the same time period. You can check your tariff here

Where can I complete resident’s formalities?

24 hour website at the Administration section of this website.

By telephone: 010

Office of the Area Verda (OAV)    
C. Calàbria, 66 - 08015 Barcelona
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 08h00 to 20h00.