Residents of AREA

Residents AREA

What is an AREA resident?

In summary, we can say that a resident of AREA is that person who is registered in a residential area of  AREA of Barcelona, ​​who has a vehicle in his name or is the usual driver and who pays the tax on vehicles of mechanical traction in Barcelona.

Where can a resident park their vehicle?

A resident can park in his residential area after obtaining the obligatory time ticket at the parking meter by means of AREA card or through the mobile application ONaparcar residents. The Fiscal Ordinance regulates what rate will be applied (free or full rate). You can leave the vehicle parked in one place without moving it for a maximum of seven days, in accordance with the current ordinances, regardless of the type of compulsory time ticket you have obtained it. You can also park in any other Green and Blue spaces of ​​the city, after obtaining the obligatory time ticket corresponding rotation in the parking meter or through the mobile application apparkB. In this case you do not have to enter your Resident Card, since it does not work for you.

Where can I park for free?

You can park your vehicle for free and without obtaining any time tiket, outside of the regulation hours, that is, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every weekday from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays you will have to previously consult the vertical signage. You can also park your vehicle for free in spaces of the Urban Goods Distribution AREA (DUM), whenever it is outside the regulation hours, and in Blue spaces every working day from Monday to Friday from 2:00 to 4:00, coinciding with lunchtime and closing hours for stores.

What are the Residents-only AREA?

The zones identified as Residents-only are zones that, due to their special characteristics, are exclusively used every day of the year by residents authorized to park in that zone. In case of doubt, it is always necessary to consult the corresponding vertical signal.

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Move through the map to see the distribution of regulated parking spaces in the city: Blue, Green, Residents-only, authorized zones of residents , as well as location of the parking meters.

Who is deemed to be a resident for the purposes of AREA?

Link to download requirements for residency (Ordinance 3.12)

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Requirements to be a Resident of AREA

AREA residents are natural persons who are registered in the regulated zones and who have a vehicle with more than two wheels of a maximum of nine seats that does not exceed 6 meters in length and 3,500 kg of PMA.


Not exceed 6 meters


Max. 3.500 kg


Max. 9 seats

Who can request AREA Card?

You must meet any of the following requirements: 
- Be the owner or main driver of a vehicle registered in the IVTM (tax on mechanical traction vehicles) in the city of Barcelona, ​​provided that it is included as such in the insurance of the vehicle. 
- Be the main driver of a company vehicle or maintain a commercial contract to provide services, if autonomous. 
- To be the main driver of a vehicle under a renting, leasing or stable rental regime of more than three months, either in his name or on behalf of the company for which he works or with which he has a commercial contract for the provision of services, case of being autonomous.

What is AREA Card for?

The AREA Card is used to park your vehicle as resident in your residential zone, on paying the corresponding tariff using the means provided to do so (app ONaparcar residents  or parking meter). 
The AREA Card is required to obtain the parking ticket issued by the parking meter (only the time ticket need be displayed  inside the vehicle) or by mobile application ONaparcar residents (in this case it is not necessary be displayed in the vehicle). The resident's time ticket will show the license number of the vehicle as well as the your resident's zone and it identifies you as a resident of your zone.



  • The AREA resident card is essential for obtaining a resident's parking ticket by parking meter and parking in your resident zone. Always keep it with you if you know you are going to need it or if you are a regular user of the service.
  • I you are user of ONaparcar residents app it is not necessary keep your AREA resident card with you because the app recognizes your parking rights as a resident in your resident zone.
  • Keep it even if you are not using it. Your AREA resident card will allow you to obtain parking tickets while retaining your AREA rights.
  • At the end of December, you can check your Resident's tariffs for the following year on this website.
  • Information about the procedure to obtain a daily ticket or for more days tickets by parking meter is shown here
  • Information about the procedure to obtain a daily ticket or for more days tickets by app ONaparcar residents is shown here.
  • If you have two or more vehicles, you will need to enter the corresponding license numbers (+ symbol) when obtaining the ticket by parking meter. Make sure that your license number is correctly shown on the ticket.
  • In case of use parking meter, display your ticket in your vehicle in a place that is clearly visible from the outside. No other type of identification is required. The ticket showing the license number and zone identifies you as a resident of that resident zone.
  • Remember that you can only park your vehicle for a maximum of seven natural days.
  • Please contact AREA customer service office if your card is lost or stolen.
  • The card incorporates all your authorised vehicles and the applicable tariffs.
  • You must report any changes to your card details such as the registration and de-registration of vehicles, changes of address etc. Only then will it work with the new parameters. Most procedures can be completed easily through the virtual office of Barcelona City Council.

Download the documentation

What documentation must be presented? 
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Applicable rate

In accordance with what is regulated by the Fiscal Ordinance 3.12 , the normal or free rate will be applied according to whether or not it has fines of the last year. 
The conditions that regulate the applicable rate are regulated in Tax Ordinance 3.12, article 4, point 3:
"Those obliged to pay the fee with resident status who have not been sanctioned for any of the infractions established in the pedestrian and vehicle circulation ordinance, in the law on traffic, circulation of motor vehicles and road safety and In the general circulation regulations, the zero-euro rate will be applied exclusively to their authorized parking area, for which purpose, in October of each year it will be verified that in the previous 12 months there are no firm penalties for the aforementioned infractions. to vehicles authorized for parking according to the corresponding resident card. " 
It is also an indispensable condition to have been a resident of AREA during the same period of time. Access to see the corresponding rate.