Instal·lació nous parquímetres Barcelona

The installation of the new parking meters that will replace those that until now were serving the citizenship have begun. It is an innovative parking meter model that has been developed and designed especially for Barcelona, taking into account the specific needs of the city. In this way, it has been possible to develop a parking meter that is fully prepared to meet the challenges that the mobility of the future will demand.

How are the new parking meters?

The new parking meters provide various improvements focused on improving the user experience. What stands out is its more modern and accessible design, with a much larger and tactile color screen, improving communication and usability by the user. It also improves the payment process, since contactless technology for card and mobile device payment is incorporated for the first time, which increases the ease of use and security.

No need for paper ticket

One of the most outstanding improvements is that, from now on, it will not be necessary to print the regulated parking ticket or have to return to the car to make it visible. At the time of obtaining a regulated parking ticket, the vehicle registration will be introduced and, once paid, the parking will be registered, with the consequent saving of time and paper that this entails.

Once the introduction of the registration and payment is managed, the user will not need to do anything else because parking enforcement officers will be able to verify on their mobile devices that the registration corresponding to the parked vehicle has a valid ticket.

Environmental sustainability

The contribution to the improvement of the air is another of the objectives of the new parking meters in Barcelona. In this sense, they incorporate the recognition of the DGT environmental badge assigned to each vehicle, also identifying those with Zero Emissions and ECO.

In addition, they are also prepared to apply the variable component of the regulated parking rate in the case of the Air Pollution Episode; During the Episode the rate increases by 2 euros / hour, except for ECO vehicles that maintain the rate and for Zero Emissions vehicles that have a 100% bonus.

More than 2,000 new parking meters in the city

The replacement of current parking meters will occur in two phases and the impact on citizenship will be reduced. The first phase will consist of the placement of a total of 2,068 new parking meters, most of which will maintain the same location as the old ones, while 29 parking meters will be moved to adapt their location to the needs of the users. The second phase will consist of the removal of old parking meters that will not be replaced.

The installation of the new parking meters will be carried out in the 10 districts in a staggered manner and, prior to the completion of the adaptation works, the corresponding areas will be marked and bounded. The replacement of a parking meter, individually, is done quickly by removing the old one, placing the new one and reconditioning the pavement, if necessary.

It is expected that renovation work will be completed in the first quarter of 2020.

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