Nova zona d’estacionament regulat al Districte d’Horta - Guinardó

From 4 October, signalling works will begin for the implementation of a new regulated parking area in the Font d'en Fargues neighbourhood of the Horta - Guinardó district. These actions will take place in the new AREA residents' zone called Zone 31.

New Zone 31

This action will regulate parking on the road between the limits of Passeig Maragall, c. d'Amílcar, c. de Comalada, c. de l'Arc de Sant Martí, c. de Camil Oliveres, c. de Garriga i Roca, c. de Maurici Vilomara, c. del Doctor Bové, Pg. Font de la Mulassa, c. de Montserrat de Casanovas, c. Arbós, Rambla del Carmel, c. de Pedrell, Ptge. de Gabarnet, c. de les Ciències and c. del Llobregós, so that residents will have priority when parking and will form part of the new Zone 31.

The parking spaces regulated by this extension are 1,141 new Green spaces and are identified with green paint. This means that, with the aim of prioritising residents' parking, non-resident vehicles in Zone 31 will only be able to park for a maximum of two hours within the regulation timetable indicated on the corresponding vertical sign and at the Green zone rate that corresponds to the vehicle's environmental label.

In addition, it is planned to create 636 new Motorbike parking spaces and 31 new DUM parking spaces.

Information for residents

All residents of this new zone who own a vehicle registered to their home address will be able to park in the green spaces in Zone 31, which will be identified on the vertical sign corresponding to the Resident Fee that corresponds to the environmental label of their vehicle.

Thus, residents registered in the zone who own a car registered in Barcelona will not need to make any arrangements. During the first two weeks of November they will receive a letter at their home address informing them of their resident zone and an information leaflet on how to use the parking space as a resident.

Obtaining tickets

To obtain resident parking tickets, it is recommended that users use the free ONaparcar residents mobile app. With this app it is possible to obtain tickets from one day until the end of the year at the latest. As it is a digital ticket, it can be checked securely and in real time by the parking attendant's device and, therefore, it is not necessary to use the parking meter or place a paper ticket in the vehicle. However, if necessary, a receipt can be printed out for the payment made.


Implementation schedule 

The planned implementation schedule is as follows:
- 10/04 - 10/12: Vertical pre-signalling in the street indicating the dates on which parking will not be allowed in order to carry out the signalling works in each street.
- 10/13 - 11/14: Horizontal signalling work (painting of the new parking spaces in the street), vertical signalling (installation of the vertical regulation signs) and installation of parking meters, according to the dates established for each street.
- 10/25 - 11/07: Mailing of information letters to residents included in the new Zone 31.
- 11/15/2021: Activation of the new Zone 31 parking spaces.


For more information:

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