Tarifes ambientals d'estacionament 2023

Regarding the Resident area service corresponding to the year 2023, as stated in the current Tax Ordinance 3.12:



• If ONaparcar residents app is still being used

It is not possible to obtain parking tickets with this app anymore. Download the smou app from the App Store or Google Play and activate the Barcelona Residents service.


• If Barcelona Residents service of the smou app is used

As of December 15, 2022, Resident parking tickets can be obtained for 2023. Tickets can be obtained for one day or, at most, until the last working day of 2023.


• If on-street parking meters are used

As of December 15, 2022, Resident parking tickets can be obtained for 2023 from the on-street parking meters. Tickets can be obtained for one day and up to a maximum of 20 working days.



• Resident Fees 2023

The fees for AREA residents for the year 2023 will continue to be 0.2 euros/day, with a maximum of 1 euro/week, for all vehicles, of any of the approved Environmental Distinctive, with the right to park as a resident and for the months from January to December, including August.


• Regulated parking Environmental Fees

The environmental fees for regulated parking on public roads in Barcelona have the objective of contributing to the reduction of atmospheric pollution levels and to the improvement of air quality in the city. Therefore, they are established in a variable way depending on the environmental distinctive assigned to each vehicle by the DGT.
If you still do not know the environmental distinctive that corresponds to your vehicle, you can consult it here.


• Download the Fees 2023 Brochure

Consult and download the Regulated Parking Environmental Fees 2023 brochure here.


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