With the aim of adapting the Barcelona Green Area website to the needs of all persons with any type of disability, website accessibility guidelines have been followed that were adopted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and driven forward by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).


Programming has been adapted to regulation XHTML 1.0 Strict and styles to regulation CSS 2.1. All recommendations have been applied that are established as priority 1 and 2, as well as a good part of those established as priority 3.

Thus, characteristics include:

  • Compatibility with several browsers including Explorer 6 and higher, Firefox 1.5 and higher and Mozilla 1.1
  • Navigation not dependent on JavaScript.
  • Access to all contents equally by mouse or keyboard
  • Descriptive texts for images and alternatives for multimedia contents
  • Explicit indication of all links, offering alternatives for cases such as image maps, and warnings about the opening of new windows when required.
  • User control of the font size
  • Several technical measures planned to facilitate access with browsers-readers

How to navigate without using the mouse? Keyboard shortcuts

SA series of keyboard combinations have been defined to make navigating through the most common contents easier without needing to use the mouse. Speed, handiness and accessibility for people with poor eyesight and motor difficulties are just a few of the benefits of these keyboard instructions.
The options defined are combined with other keys, depending on the browser:

  • 0: Access to the page on accessibility
  • 1: Access the homepage
  • 2: Direct access to the content on the page
  • 3: Access the website map
  • 4: Access the search engine
  • 5: Direct access to the apparkb menu
  • 9: Access the contact page


So that users can scan the links on the page, an effort was made to impart meaning to the links out of context.
Links to new windows have been restricted to external links and links to documents. These links state ‘Open link in new window’. Links labelled in this way will only open in a new window if you have JavaScript enabled. Otherwise, the link will open in the same window.

Accessibility: a process that is always active

Website accessibility is constructed by applying criteria that in many cases are subjective. Moreover, difficulties in accessing the site are highly variable depending on the type of disability that a specific user may have, meaning that the application of criteria may not be optimal for everybody.
In light of both continuously improving website accessibility and heeding specific demands for access to contents, please do not hesitate to contact us with any query or request by using the contact form.

Accessibility software

  • JAWS, a screen reader for Windows, for which there is a limited-time demonstration software.
  • Lynx, a text-only browser that is free for blind users with Braille devices.
  • Links, a text-only browser that is free for blind users with slow connection speeds.
  • Opera, a visual browser with many features related to accessibility, including zoom.