01. Who can apply for the AREA resident parking rights?

The AREA resident parking rights can be requested by any person owning one or more vehicles and who is registered as residing in one of the established residential zones and who meets one of this requirements:

  • Being the owner or main driver of a vehicle with the address of the driving licence in Barcelona city and with the data updated in the DGT.
  • Being ve the main driver of a vehicle in the name of a company with the data updated in the DGT.
  • Being the main driver of a vehicle, in the name of a person or a company, on a rental, leasing or hire basis for more than 3 months and with the data updated at the DGT.

02. What documents do I need to present to apply for the AREA resident parking rights?

Your ID card, or your passport and the vehicle registration. Consult details here or go to Information > Users > Residents of AREA.

03. Can I apply for AREA resident parking rigths for more than one vehicule?

Yes, you can. Residents can apply for AREA resident parking rights for more than one vehicule as long as they meet the established requirements.

04. Where can I apply for the AREA resident parking rights?

05. How can a new vehicle be added to the AREA resident parking rights granted?

06. What do I use my AREA resident parking right for?

It allows you to obtain the digital or paper voucher that identifies you as a resident of the area with the registration number and the associated resident zone and that entails the parking at resident's fee.

07. Is it possible to obtain a parking ticket with a resident fee for more than one vehicle at the same time?

Yes, those residents with resident parking permits can obtain resident fee tickets for all their vehicles.

08. Can I get a duplicate of my parking ticket obtained from the parking meter?

No, you can't get a duplicate of your parking ticket if you have obtained it from the parking meter.

09. Can I get a parking ticket for a vehicle that does not match the actual registration number?

No, you can't. The registration number associated with the parking ticket must always match the vehicle's registration number.

10. How can I pay in advance?

To access the advance payment, there are two options: through the SMOU - Barcelona Residents service app or through the parking meter.

  • Through the free SMOU - Barcelona Residents service app you can choose to pay in advance from one day up to the last working day of the year.
  • Through the parking meter you can choose to pay in advance for up to 20 working days.

11. When can I perform the anticipated payment?

At any time, either from the free SMOU - Barcelona Residents service app or from the parking meter.

12. What are the environmental fee for regulated resident parking for the year 2022?

The regulated parking fee for AREA residents during the year 2022 will continue to be 0.2 euros/day, with a maximum of 1 euro/week, for all vehicles, of any approved environmental distinctive and without an environmental distinctive, with the Resident parking right granted and for the months from January to December, including August.

13. Does the parking voucher give me the right to park in the same space without moving the vehicle as long as I want?

No, it doesn't. The current ordinance does not allow a vehicle to be parked in the same place for more than seven days in a row.

14. I have a new vehicle and I want to park it in my resident area, what do I need to do?

You must provide us with the details of your new vehicle through the City Council's Virtual Office (keywords:'Residentes de AREA') and it is not necessary to attend in person. We will change your details electronically and will notify you at your address in a maximum of 48 hours. If we need additional documentation for any reason, we will get in touch with you.


15. I no longer have the vehicle I had associated with my right of residence. How can I apply for cancellation?

It is possible to request the cancellation of a vehicle associated with a resident's parking permit by calling 010 or on site at the BSM Citizen Service Office (Calàbria st.,66 ground floor - 08015 Barcelona).

16. How can I get a resident parking ticket from a parking meter?

Once the parking meter screen is activated, press the 'Start' button, select the 'Residents' type of parking, enter the vehicle's registration number, select the number of days for which you want the parking voucher and make the payment.

For further details, please consult the tutorials:


17. I am a resident of a resident-only zone. What will happen if I park my car on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday without proof of parking? Can I get a fine?

You will not be fined as long as you are an authorised resident and have your AREA resident parking permit. The area guards have the necessary information and means to identify you as an authorised resident.

18. I'm a resident with parking rights granted, how do I know what my fee is?

The regulated parking fee for residents is based on the environmental distinctive that corresponds to your vehicle. To find out what your resident fee is, consult the Residents of AREA section of this website.

You can also do so through the parking meter by entering the registration number of your vehicle associated with your resident parking right.

19. Is there still the old resident bonus for good driving?

Tax Ordinance no. 3.12 in force, which includes the regulations on Environmental Fees for regulated parking in Barcelona, does not include a bonus for residents in relation to regulated parking fees for 2022.

20. I have changed my registration address within the AREA and I need to be able to park in a new area. What do I need to do?

You must inform us of your new details through the City Hall's Virtual Office, by calling 010 or at the BSM Citizen Service Offices.

21. How can I check the environmental label for my vehicle?

You can check your vehicle's environmental label on the DGT website:


22. I own a business located in a different zone than my resident zone, can I change my AREA assignment to the other one?

If you own a business located in a different AREA zone than your area of residence, you can choose to change the AREA allocation to the one that corresponds to your business' home address. With the change, you will give up the right to park as a resident of your zone of residence, which will be transferred to the zone of your business only from Monday to Friday. Only one change is accepted per resident and business.

23. What documentation must be submitted to request the change of AREA zone assigned to my business?

Census declaration at the State Agency of Tax Administration, certificate of registration in the census of entrepreneurs, professionals and AEAT withholders or the last public price receipt for commercial and industrial waste. You must also present a photograph of the facade of the shop to prove that it is at street level. For more information, see Tax Ordinance 3.12, Art. 7, section 4.6.

24. What is an overlap zone?

An overlap zone is tha zone marked on the map of the AREA regulation zones in which the limits of two regulated parking zones are located and in which residents assigned to both zones can park.

25. What is an overflow zone?

An overflow zone marked on the map of a regulated parking zone indicates that, despite not being streets included in the AREA parking regulation, its residents who meet the requirements to be granted resident parking rights, will be able to park within the limits of assigned regulated parking area with resident rights provided that they obtain the corresponding resident parking ticket. Parking into the overflow zone will remain free.