Resident, passa't a l'smou!

Now, with smou, you can pay your tickets of the AREA resident parking with the 'Barcelona Residents' service. In this way, the current ONaparcar residents app is integrated into smou, unifiying in one single application several mobility services in an easy, comfortable and intuitive way.

If you live in Barcelona and have resident parking rights in any of the 35 regulated parking zones, smou is your app to pay for your parking tickets as a resident.

How to start using 'Barcelona Residents' on smou?

If you are already a smou user:
•    Update the app to the new version.
•    Activate the 'Barcelona Residents' service.

If you are not yet a smou user:
•    Download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play.
•    Create a user account and register your vehicle's number plate.
•    Activate the 'Barcelona Residents' service.

How to activate the Barcelona Residents service?

•    Go to the top left menu button on the screen and, once it is displayed, click on the 'Services' section.

•    Scroll down to the 'Barcelona Residents' service and click on 'Activate'.

•    Verify your 'Barcelona Resident Vehicles' and your 'Payment Method'.

•    Finally, accept the 'Terms of use' and click the 'Activate' button.

How to obtain a ticket?

•    At the bottom menu of the main screen, select 'Residents' and click 'Get resident ticket'.

•    Choose in the calendar the days for which you want to get your ticket and click 'Confirm dates'.

•    Review the ticket summary and click 'Pay Ticket'.

How to customise your smou bottom menu with Barcelona Residents?

Set the Barcelona Residents service to the bottom menu of the smou main screen so that it is always at hand. Set it as default when you open the smou:

•    Click the 'More' button at the bottom menu of the main screen.

•    Click 'Edit' just above the menu.

•    A screen will open with all the available services: drag them according to your preferences and decide the order in which you want them to be displayed in your bottom menu.

•    Click on the star of the Barcelona Residents service as your preferred service and it will always appear when you open the app.

You can watch the video tutorial here.

With Barcelona Residents on smou you can also:

•    Obtain new tickets and extend existing ones.

•    Activate a notification when your ticket is about to expire. See how to do it here.

•    Consult on the map of the AREA the regulated parking zone your vehicle is currently assigned to.

•    Mark the exact location where you have parked your vehicle by clicking on the 'Save vehicle position' button of the 'Barcelona residents' service.

•    Download the receipts of the tickets issued in the 'Consumption' section of the top left-hand menu of the app.

Do I have to print the tickets?

•    Digital tickets generated by smou can be checked in real time and do not need to be printed or placed in the vehicle.

For more information, check out the FAQs section.


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