Zona 1

The regulated parking on-street of resident of Zone 1 (Ciutat Vella) incorporates a new zone of overlap with Zone 5 and Zone 7 in which residents residing in Zone 1 can park with resident rate.

This new area of overlap is formed by the streets within the limits of University Square, University round, Urquinaona square, Ausias March street, Naples street, Almogávares street, Roger de Flor street, Vilanova Ave, Trafalgar Street, Fontanella Street and Pelayo Street.

This action is a response to the suggestions that the neighbours have proposed through different channels and to the request transferred by the District of Ciutat Vella given the parking deficit for residents existing in Ciutat Vella.

How get the parking tickets
To get on-street parking tickets as a resident, it is recommended to use the free mobile application ONaparcar residents. With this application can gets tickets from one day and, at most, until the end of the year. As a digital ticket, it can be checked in a secure and real-time way by the parking enforcement officer's device and, therefore, it is not necessary to use a parking meter or to place any badge or paper ticket on the vehicle.

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