L’spro ja compta amb més de 90.000 usuaris i usuàries!

Every day more and more professionals use spro to park in loading and unloading spaces in Barcelona and 8 other municipalities in the metropolitan area. It is just over a year since its birth and you are already more than 90,000 people using the app for your day-to-day work.

spro, the app aimed at Urban Goods Distribution (UGD) professionals, makes parking easier, as it allows you to:

  • Locate UGD spaces by geolocation.
  • Consult the occupancy forecast and regulation timetables for each of the zones.
  • Configure customised alerts to receive notifications when parking time is running out.
  • Consult all the operations carried out and the details of the vehicle that carried them out, either with a personal account or with a company account.


But spro doesn't stop there, the app also contributes to the pacification of cities, reducing traffic jams and pollutant gas emissions.

spro is easy. spro is comfortable. spro is metropolitan.