finalista a la millor proposta innovadora europea de 2019

The integrated management project to provide a solution to the challenge of parking motorcycles in Barcelona has been chosen as the finalist for the Best European Innovative Proposal Award in the category of innovation in the car park and heads the list to win the 2019 Prize.

The project presented, entitled Motorbike Challenge. Parking can make it, has been chosen from a total of 35 projects submitted from 15 countries in Europe and of which the jury in charge of the selection has highlighted the high level of quality.

Among the candidatures presented are innovative proposals presented by the cities of Amsterdam (Netherlands), Belgrade (Serbia), Cologne (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden), Hamburg (Germany), London (United Kingdom), Maastricht (Netherlands), Oslo (Norway), Paris (France) and Zagreb (Croatia).

Among the points that the jury has valued of the candidacy presented by B:SM have stood out as much the clear orientation in the improvement of the quality of the public space like an integrating vision of the parking of motorcycles that allows performances in the system of regulation of surface and in the municipal underground parking network.

Characteristics and distinctive points of the finalist project

Given the stress generated by the limited space in the cities, and in ours in particular, Barcelona has developed an integrated management toolset, which have been implemented both in regulated parking spaces on the surface and in underground car parks, with the objective of balancing the distribution of public space.

On the one hand, regulated parking spaces for motorcycles have been resized by gaining new spaces or have been relocated to other areas with poor visibility to contribute to the balance of the space occupied between the different interested parties. It has also restricted parking in pedestrian spaces to reduce the risk and has increased surveillance in these areas to encourage their civic use.

On the other hand, in some narrow underground Car parks of the BSM Parking Network, has been carried out a transformation of the squares, widening the width of those destined for passenger cars and taking advantage of the remaining space between columns to relocate the motorcycles. In this way, it responds to the growing trend of the volume of current vehicles and the lack of parking spaces for motorcycles.

In addition, the use of the motorcycle in the underground Car parks has been promoted by offering motorcycle parking spaces throughout the BSM Parking Network, implementing the minute rate for motorcycles and launching a special promotion campaign for motorcyclists in coordination with other motorcycle operators of the city.

This integrated management toolset system is not only designed for motorcycle parking but could also be extended to other means of personal transport that are growing exponentially in large cities, such as bicycles or different personal mobility devices.

Awarding of the 2019 Awards

The award ceremony will take place within the framework of the 19th Congress of the European Parking Association (EPA) to be held in the city of Malaga on the 18th and 20th of September.

The European Parking Association (EPA), founded in 1983, is the umbrella organization that brings together the different parking associations in Europe with the aim of facilitating cooperation between professional parking organizations in different countries and mutual exchange and support of professional experiences related to parking and urban mobility.